How to choose the right curtains

Curtains are not just cosiness, but also practicality. After all, they protect the room from sunlight, dust, night "lights", the circulation of cold (hot) air and other factors. Therefore, you need to choose curtains with all responsibility. How?

What to consider when choosing curtains?

Curtains, which depict a transverse contrast print, visually expand the room, and the vertical pattern makes it more elongated.
If you do not want the curtains to touch the floor, then the distance between their edge and the floor should be 5–8 cm, but if on the contrary, their length should exceed the wall by 15–20 cm.

Are there small piers on the sides of the window? It is not necessary to cover with curtains - so you only "weight" the look of the room.
For rooms with low ceilings, choose curtains from light fabrics in light shades.
Long curtains will not work in a nursery, kitchen or office; it is better to choose Roman blinds or, as an option, French curtains.
Long light curtains will decorate and adjust the volume of small rooms. Hang dark curtains in a large room - the space will immediately become chamberier, more comfortable.


How to determine the color of the curtains?

If you are not going to change the furniture in the room in the near future, then you can choose curtains to match the color of the furniture. Now this technique is one of the most popular among designers. In this case, you should choose the color of the curtains the same as the color of the furniture, or it should be as close as possible.
A great option - curtains of neutral tones. It can be sand, beige, cream or natural shade. Such curtains always look beautiful and unobtrusive.
If the interior of the room is made in one color, then the curtains should slightly shade the overall background. In other words, you should pick up curtains of such coloring so that they do not merge with furniture and wall-paper. It is best to pick up curtains two to three tones lighter or darker than the interior of the room.
Two-color curtains are also popular - they are perfectly combined with the color scheme of any room.


Secrets of the Pro You Should Know About

To visually give the room warmth, it is best to hang curtains in warm colors: light green, yellow, brown, beige, gold, orange, yellow-green ... If the room faces the north side, then this is simply an irreplaceable option. In addition, warm tones visually zoom in and out of the window.
As for cold colors (blue, blue, lilac, neon, sapphire, turquoise), they are perfect for those rooms that overlook the sunny side. The cold color scheme of the curtains creates a feeling of coolness and visually puts the window away.
To make the window seem narrow and small, hang the curtains on the ledge. But note that the cornice should protrude beyond the window frame by about 20–25 cm on both sides.
High ceilings can be visually reduced using curtains that will hang at window level. Even better if they are bright, active shades. You can use lambrequins or brushes as a supplement. They, like color, distract attention from high walls.
If the window in the room is low in relation to the ceiling, then the cornice must be raised as high as possible, and the curtains should be hung so that they touch the floor. So you visually lengthen the window and make it taller.


Draperies for different rooms: what to consider when choosing

Choose curtains in such colors that they do not stand out from the overall picture of the interior. Pay attention to more calm and unobtrusive tones - they will create a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.
Living room
Here the curtains should be plain in the classic style. An excellent addition to such curtains will be lambrequins, brushes, eyelets. And if you do not like the details, hang ordinary curtains, but they should have a formal appearance.
Bet not so much on beautiful as on practical and functional curtains. They must be sewn from durable material that is easy to wear.
Personally, I like translucent or light curtains, blinds or Roman curtains are also good. Remember the colors: red helps to awaken appetite, while blue, on the contrary, suppresses it.
Cabinet or library
In the office or library, the curtains should look solid, set up for a working environment, at the same time create a cozy space. Dark green, emerald, dark beige, chocolate, burgundy curtains from dense fabric in a classic style are suitable.
Bright, bright, with a fun and fabulous print, the curtains are ideal for a child’s room. Just keep in mind: these curtains must be sewn from durable fabric, because they are often dirty and washed.

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